In 1961, racing legend John Cooper unleashed the potential of the Classic Mini on the racing world. Though it wasn't the biggest, fastest, or most powerful, this feisty underdog took the motorsports scene by storm, dominating opponents with its nimble handling, near perfect balance and innovative engine and wheel layout.

Our eponymous line of high-performance MINI - the John Cooper Works - carry his mantle forward. With enhanced tuning, upgraded parts and up to a 228-horsepower turbo engine, every John Cooper Works model is at home on the track and the highway.


To harness the extra power, John Cooper Works MINI feature upgraded transmissions, oversized brakes, sport suspensions and a suite of top-line hardware.

Hardtop 2 Door

With 228 turbocharged horses and race-ready tuning, the newest addition to our high-performance line-up is the most powerful MINI we've ever made.

Clubman All4

A 228-hp TwinPower Turbo engine, finely tuned Sport Suspension, and ALL4 all-wheel drive give the sophisticated Clubman the incomparable power to match its impeccable style.


Created for lovers of open tops and open throttles, this 228-hp convertible has a TwinPower Turbo engine, Aero Body Kit and exclusive performance upgrades throughout.

Keeping the tradition alive.

Building on decades of motorsport success, our pro race teams are conquering the competition, on and off the track. From our partnership with LAP Motorsports in the IMSA Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge to the Monster Energy X-Raid MINI team's domination of the marathon Dakar Rally, we're doing John Cooper proud.

Racing's in our blood.

In 1959, the first Classic Mini was introduced: an unassuming, inexpensive 4-person "saloon" that didn't use a lot of gas or take up much space. At first, some people didn't know quite what to make of this quirky little newcomer. But others, like legendary F1 builder John Cooper, began to get big ideas.

Iconoclasts Attract

One of the gentlemen most intrigued by the Classic Mini's racing potential was the legendary F1 car builder, John Cooper. Already famous for his unique and extremely successful rear-engine F1 designs and 16 Grand Prix wins, it was only natural that an auto company bold enough to defy convention by placing its engine differently (sideways) would impress him.

One spin was all it took.

Cooper immediately recognized that the same features that made the Classic Mini such an innovative people mover - a transverse engine, four wheels pushed out to the corners and minimal size - also gave the car incredible balance, an extremely wide stance and amazing agility. Just the attributes needed to turn it into a small, but ferocious racer.

Gentlemen, start your sideways engine.

And so, in 1961, with a few tweaks to the engine, a set of slightly bigger brakes, and a new contrasting roof to make it stand out in the pack, the Classic Mini emerged from the Cooper Car Company garages as the Mini Cooper.

A Giant Killer.

What happened next (much to the dismay of the competition) is that John Cooper's grand hypothesis was proven correct. The Classic Mini Cooper and Cooper S went on to dominate the 1960's race scene, winning almost every international competition imaginable, including historic wins at Monte Carlo in 1964, 1965, 1966 and 1967.* And a car for the ages was born.